Thursday, December 8, 2011

Military Science & Leadership and English

As the semester progresses, I find myself writing more papers for other courses. One course that has required papers to be written is my Military Science & Leadership course (MSL). My instructor has us write journal entries entailing the things we have done throughout the week in our ROTC and college life. Using the skills that I have learned in English composition, I find it easier to write out these journals. I have learned how to more properly use punctuation and to better plan my writing.

My instructor has expressed positive reviews of the works that I turn in. She has stated that I have a good professional voice in my writing while maintaining her attention. I believe very strongly in maintaining professionalism at all times and this belief has carried over into my writing. I try to maintain a proper tone and to use words that are of a higher caliber.

I hope to practice writing in a professional manner so that it will carry over into the "real world". I understand how having proper etiquette in written communication is important to life. As a writer, you may write something with a certain tone and frame of mind. However, a reader may misinterpret this writing and then either take offense, find error, or simply not agree simply because of the style of writing. Thus this composition class is beneficial in that I am able to practice professionalism in my writing.

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