Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grammar and MLA

Throughout this course, we have also hammered hard on the correct usage of grammar. Even I make grammatical errors in my writing and have to proof read at the end of my works. I try to make sure that I do not have run on sentences, and that each sentence follows the correct rules of grammar. I will usually read my sentence out loud because I find that it is easier to find the grammatical errors. In reading out loud, I also help benefit my speed when it comes to public reading. This composition course helps to better my literature advancement in many different ways.

Over the semester I have also developed a better understanding of what it means to use other individuals' work and form a clear and concise point of view. I have used other individuals' research and compiled it into a work that helps to get the point across from many different angles. I know that with the correct use of in-text citation and a works cited page, I can avoid being labelled a plagiarizer. We have also covered how to properly cite sources using the MLA format. It was nice to refresh on information that I remember loosely from high school. Overall I would say I learned a lot of little nuances from this composition class.

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