Wednesday, December 14, 2011

English and Philosophy

As the semester draws to an end, we arrive at finals week. I have sort of adequately studied enough in order to earn good grades on my exams. One exam that I did find rather difficult was my Philosophy exam. As a course, Philosophy was my hardest class, and the exam was just as hard. I erroneously thought the exam was cumulative and not on just the last chapter. Thus I studied for hours on chapters that were not necessary. I more that likely got a B on the exam. Well, in truthfulness, I hope I received a B on the exam.

I know that I did not get many multiple choice answers correct. I do know that I salvaged my grade with the writing portion of the exam. I knew that I would have to nail the writing portion in order to boost my grade. I made a very conscious effort to focus on a multitude of things. I maintained a proper tone and stayed on topic during the paper. I also made an effort to focus on my penmanship. I know that if a reader is struggling to read what he is reading, he may be less likely to grade nicely. I know that I definitely made a well written essay and the English composition skills helped me to deliver a good paper.  

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