Thursday, December 8, 2011

English and Criminology

I am currently a Criminal Justice major and would like to use this degree to possibly join the FBI later in life. One   may wonder how English and Criminology are related in college. Well, English composition inevitably is not the only course that requires papers to be written. I have had to write multiple papers for my Criminology class and indeed, the English skills that I have learned helped benefit my writing. I have been able to directly translate the skills that I use in the discourses that I have written into the papers for Criminology. Using the planning, research skills, and professionalism I developed in this course, I have been able to write more successful papers.

I have a terrible habit of simply beginning a paper without any forethought. In all honesty, I see this as a hard habit to break and I still do it from time to time. I am more of a freedom writer in that I just like to let the thoughts flow. This composition course has forced me to plan my papers out step by step in order to deliver a concise thought. Using the planning skills I honed, helped my papers have more impact. I have been tasked with writing numerous papers about crime and using planning, I was able to deliver a paper that was laden with research, ideas, and solutions.

My criminology class analyzed crime statistics at one time and we were forced, cruelly and harshly forced, almost forced like a hard working college student to meet deadlines that would drain the life and soul and motivation from the body and turn the student into a husk of a once living and vibrant individual to research crime statistics in cities and write a theory of why crime differed from place to place. Obviously the previous sentence is a rather large run on sentence that was not grammatically correct. But, I do speak the truth. We were tasked with researching crime statistics in two major US cities and writing our thoughts as to why they were different from place to place. I was able to better do this research due to the research that I was asked to do for the academic discourse. Using the skills I used for the academic discourse, I was able to find multiple sources for my criminology paper and make my paper a multiple threat paper; IE my paper contained multiple sources and was able to cover more ground.

I was also tasked with having a presentation on crime and what I believed caused it. I was able to write out a paper of my beliefs and thoughts in a professional tone of voice. I then used that same paper and presented it to the class. My paper contained a professional tone, and so did my presentation. Although public speaking and composition are not the same thing, I was able to use one to help benefit the other.

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