Thursday, December 15, 2011

English and 1st Semester

Throughout the first semester I have written many papers, essays, and blogs. I have used all these literary works as practice to improve my writing. I believe that I have developed certain aspects of my writing like grammar, research, and staying on topic. I enjoyed writing blogs because I had more free rein over my writing, and it was less formal. I do believe that my English composition skills definitely benefited my other classes. I have been able to write papers with ease and I consider English a class that is easy for me now.

I am excited for next semester. I am currently writing my last blog for the semester, and I am personally amazed that in the discussion board, I am the only student that has all 8 blogs. I hope I receive the grade of an A for the first semester in this class. I believe that I have put in enough work, maybe not as much as I should have, to receive at least a B+. I hope next semesters composition course is as fun as this one was. I expect to be challenged in my writing more, but that is to be expected with any advancement in a course.

Thank you for being my English composition teacher Ms. Shaffer. This is Steven Andrews, English Composition; Good night America.

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