Thursday, December 8, 2011

Civic Discourse

One prevalent problem in the United States is the rising obesity epidemic. One fact that others may not know about me, is that I used to weigh 250lbs; I used to be a member of the obesity statistic. As an obese individual I was blatantly told by a doctor that at my age, weight, and with my family history of heart disease, my future did not look like a good one. Thus this caused me to take my health much more seriously. With the aid of football, wrestling, weight lifting, and healthy eating, I managed to get my weight down to 180lbs at my lowest. I am now a much happier individual and my life has been much more enjoyable. One may ask, "Why are you revealing this information?". I am stating my history with obesity because it is my motivation for my civic discourse.

I decided to choose childhood obesity as the problem that I wished to help solve in my civic discourse. I realized that when one is passionate about the topic of a paper, than the thoughts of the mind flow onto the paper with ease. In high school I was never tasked with writing a civic discourse. Thus being forced to write one for this composition course was a new journey. Overall, I would say that I enjoyed writing a civic discourse. The topic was one that I could enjoy researching and writing about.

The civic discourse helped to develop my research skills that was needed for the paper. I was able to look up multiple sources and to use them to help form a concise idea for my paper. By using these multiple sources I was able to identify, explain, and solve a problem that I wished to stop. Of all the papers we had to write, I would say I enjoyed the civic discourse the most.

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