Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blog 2

So I have just arrived back from the Billy Collins LitFest speaking. Overall I would say it was enjoyable, that is, if I enjoyed poetry... But in all seriousness, he was a good poet. He managed to use his delivery to increase the impact of humor in his poems. Although public speaking and poetry is not covered in this English composition class, I can see the benefits of being able to do both with proficiency. If you have the ability to write something intellectual, but not present it to the public with confidence in your voice, it will not have the same impact as intended.

Billy Collins had intellectual humor in his poetry. Although I had a negative mood going into the Webb Center, I did leave with an appreciation for Collins’ work. I can understand why he managed to receive multiple awards, such as the Mark Twain Award in 2005. I wish I had not sat in the back, since it was rather quiet and I strained my ear to hear. (Ha-ha, ear to hear, its poetry). But I do understand why there was a large enough crowd that extra seating was needed. Billy Collins was good at what he did, and he presented himself in an effective manner. I may not appreciate poetry as much as another individual, but I can respect good public speaking and being good at what you do.

I think I am a decent enough writer. I do not like to state that I am an amazing writer, because I know for a fact that I am not. One thing that does amaze me though, is that there are college freshman that do not understand MLA format or how to properly cite a source in a paper. I would not say that I am perfect with in-text citation, but I do follow the rules so that my work is not considered plagiarism. And even then, if you do not know how to do something, why would you not take initiative and attempt to find how to do it online? I have used Purdue’s OWL site numerous times in order to refresh my memory on the correct rules of MLA formatting. But I guess it boils down to either, different high school education or the differences between students.

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