Thursday, September 15, 2011

1st blog 9-15-11

Something that I do on occasion is read my old writing assignments from previous years. It is amazing the amount of sheer idiocy that has been written in some of my old papers. As I look back at the past, I see how many times I took high school less seriously then I should have. I can recount numerous times where (and I promise I will not do this anymore), I would take whatever paper was assigned and I would load it with an over usage of adjectives in an attempt to be funny. I still chuckle when I think of my final English essay for my senior year, but I am humbled and sorry for what I did.

Now, I know I certainly started out strong by making my first blog post about how I did not take English seriously. But as I read papers from middle school to high school, I can certainly see an improvement in my style of writing. I still remember when I struggled with middle school English. The major problem that I had in middle school, was that I would create these enormously large run on sentences, because I believed that the longer the sentence, the more intelligent you would sound, and thus the comma became almost like a period to me, I wanted to force the reader to never stop completely from reading my writing, but, merely let them have enough of a breath in their mind so that they would be forced to finish the sentence. But the evolution of my writing over the years has improved. I now make a more conscious effort to use words that show a slightly more intelligent flair and follow the rules of proper English writing. Throughout high school many of my teachers noticed that when I really focused on writing, I was an advanced writer (or as I would say a “a conductor of literature, (just to be a smartass)).

I do not struggle with English composition anymore and it has actually been beneficial for my other classes. I hope for this year to be a great year, since college can possibly be a deciding factor on my future. 

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  1. Good idea to always look back on old writings--when you start asking yourself--why did I put this here? How could this have been better? That is technically "re-writing"...just goes to show that the writing process is really never over, but the steps can look very different based on how our individual writing style is shaped.